Australia’s issues with e-Waste continue to grow exponentially.

I’ve seen it time and time again in IT support – businesses losing time, money and reputation on

First, let’s get clear on the 3 areas we can make a big difference to your business ewaste and why it’s essential you get started.

1. Reduce

2. Reuse

3. Recycle

4. Impacts of eWaste

  1. Have an audit done on your systems – dependant on your business needs different network solutions can result in less demand on local computers (which extend computer load and life)

  • Have an audit done on your phone systems – there are many VOIP and Virtual phone system solutions on the market – that will reduce both your business costs and extra phone equipment that you may no longer need.

  • Before purchase, ask the manufacturer whether they have any reuse or recycling programs in place.

  1. De-clutter

  • If you are no longer using a computer/printer/monitor etc get rid of it by donating or recycling it. That way, any spare/useable equipment you have will be easier to find … as opposed to going out and buying new!

  • Extend

  • buy a case

  • keep your device(s) clean

  • avoid overcharging batteries

  • regularly remove dust (both outside and inside computer cases

  • regularly remove malware, spyware and viruses that can degrade your PC to a level it can’t be worked on


  • Can we re-use it somewhere else in the business?

  • Can it be easily refurbished and/or repaired?

  • Can it be given to a friend/neighbour/family for use?

  • Can it be donated to a local charity/school/community centre?

  • Can it be used for parts?

  • If it is still functioning well – sell on eBay/Gumtree


  • Check with the manufacturer about reuse and recycling programs that they may have in place.

  • Visit the e-waste section of for a list of ewaste recyclers in your state

  • Research to find a reputable eWaste provider that will dispose of your eWaste ethically (as opposed to sending overseas).

Impacts of eWaste

To see if your business can reduce your eWaste, and save money and time on your technology waste message us about a free, no obligation Technology Waste Audit

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